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Monday, February 22, 2010

Week Seven

Ok so I know that this is not a drawing. This week I'm going to show off one of my block patterns. Several years ago on a Trip to San Fransisco to visit Jen we all went to the Exploratorium to "play". They have this great exhibit that is just tables full of these colored shapes that you use to build patterns, I sat down at a table and was in heaven, and an hour latter decided that I best go find Matt and Jen. For Valentines this year Matt bought me a small set of tiles. The idea is to expand our collection, so that I can play "with the kids" Something makes me think that I will be using them more though... It is so relaxing to just sit down and make all sorts of beautiful patterns.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mr. Arthur pants.

week six

So since we call Arthur "Mr. Arthur Pants" Jessica came up with the Idea to get a tattoo of an "A" wearing a pair of pants! I loved the Idea so much I had to steal it. This will eventually be going somewhere on my boyd (not sure where yet) and the color/style of pants may change.

NOTE: I did not draw the plaid myself, that was photoshoped.