Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy Sheet.

Here it is #1 in what will be a long list of tips and trick I hope to impart on all of my loyal readers.

It is sheets! I know that sounds way to simple to be some great tips, but trust me it is a good one. I have to credit this tip to my mother who was always using sheets to make curtains, or table cloths, or something.

I use them for everything. I love them because even a twin flat sheet is much wider then most plain cotton fabric you can buy off the bolt, and for much less money. I have found great twin sheets, for as little as $4-15 at places like Ikea and Target. You can find them in an array of colors, and even patterns. And if you need a bit more width just upgrade to a full or queen, if you look around you can even find the bigger ones for a good deal.

I have even used a sheet to test out a dress pattern before I make it out of the "real" fabric, so I know how it is going to look and if it will need alterations before I cut it out of the good stuff, pick a good color and you may even end up with 2 cute dresses.
The many uses of sheets:

  1. quilt backing
  2. curtain lining
  3. test dress (or shirt, pants etc.)
  4. bag lining
  5. table cloth
  6. scrap fabric
  7. apron back (see my multi-pocket apron pattern)
The list could really go on an on. If you are going to be a crafty person I suggest having at least a couple of these buggers on hand, because you never know when you might need to use one. So next time you are at target or Ikea, just pick up a sheet or two, you will be happy you did.


jean said...

Teach me oh wise crafty one.