Wednesday, June 4, 2008

They still got it!

Yes I do believe that their new album (the red album) might just become my new favorite. Now I thought that the blue album was and always would be the best, but I must say it that the red one might have to just edge out the blue for #1 in my mind.

The video for "pork and beans" is great, if you are a frequenter of You Tube you may recognize some of the characters.

Also they are on the cover of spin this month. I have not has a chance to read the article, but I LOVE the cover art, even if Rivers Cuomo has a creepy mustache.

So whether you are a long time fan, or just like a good bit of great music you have to pick up the album, you will not regret it... it rocks!


Annie said...

I love, love, love Weezer! I agree the new "look" for Rivers is downright creepy. Please bring back the nerd chic. Thanks for the review, T!

joann said...

I definately need to get this album. Baby Ollie is easily consolable when we play WEEZER.