Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Jam Plan.

Just after moving into our new house we discovered a very large rhubarb plant in out backyard. This made me happy because one of my all time favorite pies is strawberry rhubarb. Since I really don't like to bake, I figured the next best thing would be homemade strawberry rhubarb jam. I found this great recipe that uses the microwave. All you have to do cut up your fruit, coat it with sugar, microwave it for 10-12 minutes (more in my microwave because it is an old piece of crap), and put into jars. This process is genius! Not only does it save a mess of time but it, uses like a quarter of the sugar as other jams.

Since I liked how much the strawberry rhubarb turned out I decided to try out some other concoctions, using the microwave technique. I made some strawberry, rhubarb, orange, pineapple jam. And some pear, plum, rhubarb jam. All three are very tasty. I Love to make jam

I can't wait to come up with new recipes this summer. I want to try out some savory jams, like a pepper jam, and we are going to grow all kinds of peppers in the garden, so I will have plenty of great fruit to work with. So stay posted for more jam.


Rebel said...

Oooh... I need a Jam Plan!

T is said...

Everyone needs a jam plan...